At Family Fellowship, we believe that having a collective voice of praise and worship is an expression of our faith and an offering unto God. It is an active and participatory part of our worship service enabling each person to personally experience Christ.

Derrick Kendrick, Minister of Music

At Family Fellowship, praise and worship is to have an intense love and admiration for our Lord and Savior, a wonderful expression of thanksgiving. At the core, our worship is really about having a profound and intimate relationship with God. Our greatest motivation should be to exalt our God in the highest in everything we do!

“Praise and Worship is not some performance or spiritual entertainment executed on an earthly stage for ourselves. Praise and Worship is our response to the outpouring of God’s love, grace, mercy, and blessings…When we praise, our response to God’s outpouring on earth connects with the praises of God in heaven.”

Sunday Worship

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