What We Believe
We present this information as a framework to help unify our faith community, under the authority of Christ and His Word, and to advance our efforts to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to the world.

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Our values are grounded in Christ, our Lord and Savior and we live them out daily:

At Family, we strive every day to fiercely serve God and families with the love and compassion of Christ. Jesus did more than tell us to serve others; he demonstrated it through the life of service that He lived. (Philippians 2:4-7)

As a family of believers, we acknowledge every living person as a uniquely created being. Like Jesus, we we are no respecter of persons; spending time with the rich and the poor, sinners and saints, blue-collar and white collar workers, soldiers and scribes. Jesus acknowledged all men and women, so we do the same. (Revelation 22:17)

God has made an investment into every individual He created; giving gifts and abilities to everyone as He chooses. Therefore, as a family of believers, we regard every person as valuable because they are valued in God’s eyes. (Romans 12:4-5, 1st Corinthians 12:4-7)

The Church is responsible for continuing the mission of spreading the gospel to the world. Each member is encouraged and nurtured to impact the world around them in a way that glorifies Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. At Family Fellowship, we are committed and determined to prepare the members of our spiritual family for the work of ministry, through the teaching of the word of God. (Ephesians 4:11-12)

Through effective teaching of the word of God, establishing meaningful relationships and relevant ministry opportunities, we are determined to transform believers into life-long learners of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20)